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Arsa Company is an IT service provider founded in 2012. Arsa headquarter is in Erbil-Kurdistan region of Iraq.

We have a team of experienced IT, web-designer and mobile application developers. The strength of our company is the ABL-CMS, It is a website management system which allows users to design a very professional website in the easiest and fastest way possible.

Compares to other CMSs, in our system the user does not require any programming background and it is easy to use, design or edit all parts of the website.

This product is the result of our several years of work in website development and desig which can compete with the similar international systems.

We are very proud to be the first local company that was able to provide this system and play a part in the improvement of our country’s technology.

We as the Arsa staff work as hard as possible to improve our technical and scientific knowledge to get to a higher level to achieve better results in Information technology in Kurdistan. 


ABL CMS specifications:

ABL CMS is a website and web-application management system. This type of systems are known as content management systems, the consumers can use it with a low level of IT knowledge, they will be able to design and update their own website in no time.

ABL CMS was created in 2010 and since then has been updated regularly to provide a special local version which be able to provide all requirements to design a website or web application.




The system interface is designed as simple as possible to be easy to understand and use by anyone with any level of IT knowledge.

In the content programming of the system, security and the system speed were two primary points of concern by our technical team. We have put all our effort to create a different and reliable system.

Primary parts of the system:

  • Website management(add, change, delete) and create new website using a different source
  • Menu management (add, change, delete)
  • Management of the Photo slide of the home page (add, change, delete)
  • Website management, to manage a specific page or language
  • Message management
  • Email management
  • File transfer management
  • Changing the website Icon
  • Website style and adding CSS,JS,HTML
  • Meta tag management
  • Language management
  • Plug-in and article management(add, change, delete)
  • Comment (plug-in) and comment management


ABL CMS specifications:

  • Using a very advance editor to add or change the website articles
  • Easy and simple, no need to a high level of IT knowledge
  • Website viewer counter
  • A powerful, fast and secure programmed core
  • Using the most updated technology in programming
  • And many more…



ABL CMS specification in comparison with WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Wix and …etc.:

Compared to other international systems, ABL system was able to provide a reliable and suitable service in this area.

 The differences:

  • According to our studies, ABL is the best and most suitable system for this area (Kurdistan-region).
  • Working with ABL CMS does not need any programming background, anyone can use it to design, edit or delete their own special website in the fastest and easiest way.
  • It is also useful for the people who have a good background in IT and programming, they can use it to design a better and different website.
  • All the built in templates of the systems are dynamic and work perfectly on any devices with a browser (laptops, tablets, mobile…etc.). We have tested all different parts of system to make sure of its performance.
  • There is a professional team of IT and programming experts who are responsible to support and update the system regularly.

About Arsa Company

Arsa Company is an IT service provider founded in 2012. Arsa headquarter is in Erbil-Kurdistan region of Iraq.

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